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our fab story

Our Founder:

“Vuka” is a word that originates from Southern Africa and means to wake up or to awaken. As such, our founder Miss Siphosami Musikavanhu who was born and raised in Zimbabwe birthed this brand as an ‘awakening’ to a new era of skincare. Vuka Skin was founded in 2020 when  Siphosami was still pursuing her Pharmacy degree in China.

“As someone who suffered from chronic acne as a teenager and deals with the aftermath,
skincare has always been a passion of mine. Being a black woman living in Asia, it wasn't easy to find skincare products that were catered for and that fully worked on people of colour, so I made it my mission to develop them myself using my knowledge in chemistry from my pharmacy degree as well as what I’ve learnt in my own skincare journey. Vuka Skin is a
dedication to everybody who loves their skin. I cannot tell you the joy I feel when a customer
reaches out to me to share their own Vuka journey for healthier, smoother and glowing skin.
One size doesn’t always fit all. Skincare is personal therefore my team and I will always strive to produce products that fit your special skincare needs.











Our mission:
How can we make skincare as helpful, simple, effective, trustworthy and fun, for as many people as possible? That’s what we ask ourselves each day. Our skincare formulations are made from high-quality ingredients that enhance your skin and do NOT hide your story. We use our chemistry expertise to test and develop dermatologically kind skincare that alleviates most of the problems the skin faces. We are dedicated to produce skincare products that help restore the skin to its natural glory.
To pursue our commitment to quality and innovation, we also develop skincare devices using the most effective and cutting-edge technology for in-home use. Our skincare tools are all designed to be very user-friendly, and affordable yet also very efficient in their different functions.


Our Promise:
Our values commit us to produce scientific-led- results-driven, multi functional-skincare using a less is more approach to reduce our environmental impact. We work together with a team which includes chemists, a pharmacist and a dermatologist to produce and develop the most effective products. Our formulations are clean, cruelty free and 100% safe for all.

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